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Mission Workshop

San Francisco-based outerwear brand Mission Workshop open their London pop-up store

Mission Workshop

San Francisco-based outerwear brand Mission Workshop open their London pop-up store

San Francisco-based performance brand Mission Workshop opened a new pop up store. You can find it in London’s Shoreditch. Last week they held a special event in partnership with fabric partner Schoeller. The pop up showcases their collections of impressive weatherproof bags and technical apparel. The London pop up store opened on October 12th and will have its doors open until December 30th.


MW launched in 2009, founded by Bart Kyzar and Jeff Roberts. Mission Workshop San Francisco is defined by high-quality technical apparel and durable bags. The accessories come with a lifetime guarantee. MW has garnered a cult following and loyal customer base of adventurers and city kids who tend to bike, travel and partake in outdoor activity and urban life. Kyzar, Roberts, and their design team work out of a design studio in San Francisco’s Mission District. Situated in an alley, the design studio is hard to find. It stands behind a chainlink fence, in a nondescript building. It looks completely under the radar from the outside. This covert avant-garde setting is a perfect fit with the urban branding.


Mission Workshop first held a London pop up store in 2010. That was their first year of doing business. They claim to have considered London a second home ever since. Alongside San Francisco the brand also has a store in Downtown Los Angeles.

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending MW’s special event at the London pop up store. The panel included Schoeller, who is one of Mission Workshop’s main fabric suppliers. They are also one of the leading fabric companies in the industry. Schoeller is a textile manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. They are a globally operating company specialising in the production of innovative textiles. The cutting-edge company also focuses on sustainability and textile technologies. They are leaders in niche markets worldwide. Schoeller told an engaging story about their history and partnership with Mission Workshop. They also spoke about the technologies used to develop cutting edge technical fabrics.


The evening was also hosted by Seetal Solanki. She is founder and director of the research design studio Ma-tt-er. Solanki is a designer who’s worked in fashion, sportswear, automotive, lighting and architecture. She launched Ma-tt-er, a material research consultancy, in 2015. Ma-tt-er handles various material projects in their design studio. They use their expertise to bridge the gap between various industries. The ambiance at the MW London pop up Store was inspiring. This was because of Mission Workshop, Solanki and the design-loving customer base. Creating durable and sustainable textiles with great design is of interest to everyone. Particularly in the apparel and accessories industries.


It was inspiring to see the Mission Workshop product up-close. Their oft-talked about bags are a real feat of craftsmanship. Whether you are a cyclist, humble city kid, or have a love of great design, Mission Workshop has something for everyone. It’s a masterful find in a crowded market.

Visit MW at their London pop up store, 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT or discover more about the pop-up here.

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