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Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

Discovering the latest talent emerging from the world renowned degree courses at CSM

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

Discovering the latest talent emerging from the world renowned degree courses at CSM

Our team attended the Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two private view at 1 Granary Square last night. The presentation of work spanned across all courses that CSM has to offer, from Fashion, Textile Design, Product Design and Architecture. Due to the wide variety of work on show the presentation emitted a great feel of creativity, innovation and design intelligence.

There are three main courses which were particularly inspiring and innovative, these were Material Futures, BA Fashion Womenswear and BA Textile Design. Read on to discover more about these courses and the stand out work from the students.

Material Futures

Material Futures is a two year Masters course which is focused wholly on the future and looking into how we will be living in the future, anticipating our human needs and discovering any challenges that we may face. Material is the key aspect of this course, a tactile element that can be used to determine many different factors from.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

This course is particularly prominent due to its heavy focus on sustainability which is a fundamental aspect of many independent designers and brands now, ensuring that their products are sustainable in both manufacturing process and material choice.

Dohee Lee

Image: Dohee Lee

Sustainable Fast-Fashion by Jenny Banks explores the use of 3-D technology to recycle textile waste and turn it into fast-fashion garments. By reusing fibres that have been discarded initially creates that suitability platform and alongside the use of 3-D technology ensuring that the way in which the products are created is also just as sustainable as the material being used.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

Image: Jenny Banks

Super Synthetics by Maria Idicula Kurian is a project based around re-engineering existing ecological based materials as an alternative to synthetic ones. This process would mean less use of materials such as plastic and foam which harm the environment and using in their place more natural alternatives that would degrade much faster than existing materials and in the long term would be more efficient not only to the environment but also to our health.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

Image: Maria Idicula Kurian

Emovos is by Martina Rocca who delves into a world of post-material consumerism. Rocca engineered a new post-material experience that offers an alternative to unsustainable physical material consumption. This particular project focuses on a future where fast-fashion high street stores can sell consumers a deep and emotional commercial experience instead of a physical one.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show TwoImage: Martina Rocca

BA Fashion Womenswear

Alongside the Material Futures we also delved into the the BA Fashion Womenswear presentation of work, seeing up close and personal the latest collections from the graduates who recently showed their work on the catwalk at the highly anticipated annual Central Saint Martins Graduate Show.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two

BA Fashion Womenswear Graduates from left to right: Talia Lipkin-Connor, Chung In No, Kate Vartan

The BA Fashion Womenswear course is a three year or four year (sandwich) course which has global notoriety, with some of the most influential designers in world as alumni from this particular course, including the likes of Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan, Antonio Berardi and many more. This course explores the fundamental aspects needs to progress within womenswear design. With many great opportunities to work on projects with established brands for projects alongside set briefs and self directed study, this course offers a broad spectrum of elements to learn and develop as a designer.

BA Textile Design

Finally we look at the BA Textile Design course, discovering emotive and interactive works that each tell their own individual story.

Hana Fujimoto

Image: Hana Fujimoto

The course is based around the physical and the digital side of textile design which is apparent throughout the work. The course nurtures traditional craft whilst also providing the skills to learn new digital textile processes, ensuring that the spectrum of textile exploration and discovery is not restricted.

MinJung Kim

Image: MinJung Kim

The Ba Textile Design course is a three year course which covers print, knit and weave. Students can select two or three specific areas of study to focus on during the course. The course teaches you the key skills which are needed to successfully learn in-depth your chosen specialist areas of study.

Sally Cheung

Image: Sally Cheung

With strong industry connections the students have opportunities to work with some of the most notified textile producers in the world, giving them a glimpse into the textile industry, which will help prepare them for when they graduate.

Jiho Suh

Image: Jiho Suh

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