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LCC Degree Shows 2017: Media School

The Press Preview of the LCC Photography BA (Hons) Courses

LCC Degree Shows 2017: Media School

The Press Preview of the LCC Photography BA (Hons) Courses

Our team attended the press preview of the LCC Photography BA (Hons) exhibition which showcased a variety of works by the newly graduated students.

The course teaches the students to look beyond the everyday and self-discover which enables them to create the most personal, original and thought-provoking work possible, leaving the audience wanting to find out more.

We had the opportunity to meet the students who were showing their work, enabling us to delve deeper into the meaning behind their creations and a chance to discover their aspirations for the future.

When you first enter the exhibition the installation pieces initially catch your attention, sliced tree bark which has been strategically placed amongst inspirational artworks and imagery that captures an overwhelming sense of the nature being brought into the indoors. This piece is entitled Circles: A Record of our Time by Hannah Fletcher. Within her work she examined mans relationship with the environment, and how this can be read from the trees, with the tree acting as the recording device, documenting year after year its growth and progression, which is inwardly visible when the bark is cut.


Image courtesy of Trendstop

Another awe-inspiring piece is by Imogen Davis, entitled You Take My Breath Away. This is a beautiful installation with a darker undertone. The piece is inspired by breathing, a simple human action that means the difference between life and death. The self-blown glasses physically resemble the capturing of a breath, whilst the impactful photographs of the glass taken in a lightbox re-capture the motion of the glass-blown breaths.


Image courtesy of Trendstop

The exhibition space felt more like a living space, with interactive installations, and spaces that invited you to sit down and watch the videos with headphones, creating a total immersive experience.



Images courtesy of Trendstop

Walking further on into the exhibition we discovered more of these interactive spaces with multiple television screens sat amongst installations, assisting the meaning behind the pieces.



Images courtesy of Trendstop

Overall the exhibition was a great success, an opportunity for the students to present and explain their work to all the visitors who attended. It was inspiring to see all the latest talent that will be emerging into the industry and it was an opportunity to discover the potential future pioneers of photography.


Located in the heart of Elephant and Castle in London, London College of Communication continually stands at the forefront of education in communication studies for the capital. The recently announced expansion of the campus will see the university grow even bigger and better within the next five years, building capacity around the digital technology industries and expanding the TV and film creative hub. With this exciting news in the pipeline, it is now a better than ever to check out the upcoming degree shows!

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