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Denim Première Vision

Key Trends from Denim PV Fall/Winter 2018-19

Denim Première Vision

Key Trends from Denim PV Fall/Winter 2018-19

Following last season’s return to the city of Paris, Denim Première Vision hosted their Fall/Winter 2018-19 edition at the Paris Event Center this week, running from the 26th-27th April. With 2017 being the show’s 10th anniversary, the R-Evolution theme marked a complete refresh of the event. The concept explored innovation across the denim sphere, discovering breakthrough concepts and visions to determine the future of the industry and infuse the sector with new vitality. An all-new focus was placed on the consideration of the issues of today, exploring current mega-changes within society and consumer lifestyles. This latest edition of Denim PV offered a completely new agenda with a brand new programme of events and set-ups across the show’s 2 day running.

Read on to hear more about this season’s new format.


Image: Mou Fung

The Phygital Space

In line with one of Trendstop’s previous consumer insight topics, Denim Première Vision explored the boundaries of the current phyigtal era by creating an immersive area dedicated to the interaction between product and digital. The show recognises that denim is changing, with “climatic performance and thermal activation, luminosity, augmented reality, robotics and connected technologies” all directions well worth exploring to dream up just how the denim of tomorrow might take shape.

Phygital 02

Image: Denim Première Vision

Products in the space included a recycled denim jacket equipped with solar panels to recharge any portable tech device, designed by Pauline Van Dongen of Blue LOOP Originals, as well as jeans created by Spinali Design that integrate GPS capabilities to guide the wearer through directional vibrations. Further innovations included software created by My Rags, which offered a digital platform to bridge the gap between creative design and the supply chain.

Phygital 01

Image: Denim Première Vision

Immersive Trend Tasters

The trend area at Denim Première Vision this season was also reformatted with the concept of immersion and the phygital era continuing. The space was split into 4 directions: Bold, Recode, Beyond and Rainfall. Each presented an array of new trends for Fall 2018 denim, and explored everything from materials and shapes, to colour and surfaces. The phygital concept continued here too with each space integrated with some form of digital projection, as well as scannable QR codes to download specific information and a photograph of each of the products.

Trends for blog

Image: Denim Première Vision

Hackathon – Rise of the Millennial

In addition to this, the show also ran a Denim Première Vision Hackathon competition. 5 teams of millennial students from some of Europe’s most reputable fashion and technology schools spent the 48 hours of the show collaborating with industry mentors. Each team were tasked to create a new concept to push the future of denim developments, from “a product innovation, a strikingly-new brand concept, a marketing strategy, etc”.

Image for blog

Image: Filatures du Park

Read on to discover 4 of the most essential key trends from the Fall 2018 edition of the show.

The Vintage Wash

Denim nods back to its roots in The Vintage Wash as classic indigo styles are reinvented for a sense of authenticity and timeless style.

Blog 3 Images Template copy

Left to right: Artistic Milliners, Artistic Fabric Mills, Akkus Textile

Textural Nep

Visible fibres create textural interest as neppy denim appears with added weight for the ultimate winter warmer.


Left to right: Arvind Limited, Blue Farm, Imatex


Fall 2018 denim silhouettes boast a new adaptability as contrast panelling and coloured linings create a versatile inside-out aesthetic.


Left to right:  A14 Denim by Akozbekler, Desert Studio, Arvind Limited

Neo Paddings

Puffed-up silhouettes influence denim as new outerwear shapes are padded and quilted for extra insulation.

Left to right: Denim Premiere Vision, Toray International, Desert Studio

Keep an eye out for our full Denim Première Vision report to be published on Trendstop next week.

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