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Hockney Blue

Tate Britain holds new exhibition of David Hockney’s work

Hockney Blue

Tate Britain holds new exhibition of David Hockney’s work

A Life of Art

The new David Hockney exhibition at the Tate Britain displays a retrospective of work by one of the most successful and recognisable artists of our time. Hockney is known for his depiction of relationships and sexuality as well as his iconic landscapes. As he approaches his 80th birthday, this new exhibition displays work from the artist’s life as a student in 1961 to today. The exhibition spans a range of media including photography, portraits and iPad drawings.


David Hockney Tate Britain

Enhanced Reality

What is clear in Hockney’s artwork is his profound interest in colour. He famously stated “I do not think the world looks like photographs, it is much more glorious”. The idea of enhanced reality in poignant within his work, playing with perspective as well as accentuating the natural colours within the spaces that he portrays. From Yorkshire to California – Hockney’s use of colour brings to life the landscapes that he paints.



David Hockney Tate Britain

Blue in particular plays a leading role in many of his paintings, including his Splash series in which he captured the transparent qualities of water and its constant motion. This series is a display of Hockney’s love of Los Angeles and the geometry in the modernist lines of the city. The artist creates an idyllic vision of his time in LA through the use of vibrant blues in sunny skies and poolside scenes.

At Trendstop we have identified this vivid cerulean shade, ‘Hockney Blue’, as one of our key accent colours for Fall/Winter 2018-19. This tone acts as a tonic to the more subdued A/W palette. The exhibition proves the emergence of the shade and with the impending success of this exhibition; we expect the popularity of ‘Hockney Blue’ to continue to grow within the industry.

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About David Hockney at the Tate Britain

The Tate Britain takes you on a journey of David Hockney’s life and art work through twelve rooms, which are mostly chronologically ordered and showcase some of his most famous works in their impressive life-size scale. It is a dreamy showcase of Hockney’s use of colour entwined with his different perspectives on life.

The David Hockney exhibition is open until 29th May 2017 at the Tate Britain gallery. It is open for public access daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

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