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New Exhibition of Josef Frank’s Designs at the Fashion and Textile Museum


New Exhibition of Josef Frank’s Designs at the Fashion and Textile Museum

Blooming Optimism

Despite being designed in some of the darkest moments in history, Josef Frank’s vibrant textile designs tell a story of joy that lives on today. Vivid colour, playful scale and a focus on the beauty of the nature fill the designs with an optimistic energy.

Everyday life is transformed into a visual paradise, with birds, fruit, flora and fauna coming alive. They are an inspiring showcase of colour and pattern creating mood. He created an idyllic world out of the ordinary around him by playing with bold colors and scale. His prints, fabric and furniture continue to be loved in Sweden, and around the world. They remain, just as he intended, undoubtedly modern.


As an important player in the Swedish Modern movement, Frank’s designs are intended to add character and to an otherwise functional interior. He saw repeat pattern in a room as a calming quality. This is an ethos of Swedish design that remains key today.


About the Josef Frank: Patterns, Furniture, Painting Exhibtion

This Saturday, 28th January 2017, London’s Fashion and Textile Museum opens its doors to the UK’s first ever exhibition dedicated to the architect and designer Josef Frank. On display is a collection of Frank’s vibrant textile designs; fabric, furniture, wallpaper and interiors, as well as his later watercolour work.

The exhibition focuses on him as a designer rather than an architect, and places his work in an art historical context. Visitors are invited to interact with the work; through sitting on the furniture and immersing themselves in the pattern. It showcases the modernity of the textile designs, and how they still provoke an optimistic energy today.

As Celia Joicey, Head of the Fashion and Textile Museum states, “Josef Frank’s textile patterns are design classics: his brilliant use of colour, sense of scale and surreal organic forms have remained in fashion for over 70 years”. The exhibition is open until 7th May 2017.


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