• Antonino Cardillo for Illuminum

Illuminum Fragrance’s Multi-Sensory Store

Illuminum Fragrance’s Multi-Sensory Store

British fine fragrance brand Illuminum has opened the doors to a new multi-sensory shopping space, created by Italian architect Antonino Cardillo in a project titled Colour as a Narrative. The scent specialists invited Cardillo to remodel their gallery-style London store, set within a historic Georgian building on Dover Street. Inspired by the idea of exploring the relationship between perfume, colour and texture, the space has been transformed with a coating of rough-finish plaster made with ash from the Vesuvius volcano in Italy, contrasting with the plush carpet. This neutral backdrop allows consumers to fully experience the company’s range of scents, which Cardillo describes as “invisible colours revealed only by the nose.” Instead of conventional product displays and a sales desk, the Illuminum space is mostly empty except for a minimal installation called Scent Suspended, where 37 glass containers filled with different Illuminum fragrances are suspended from the ceiling.

“Stripping away learnt associations built around graphics, names and ingredients encourages a more physical and intuitive experience of scent,” explains Illuminum creative director Asakala Geraghty. “Visitors are invited to… explore their personal narrative, their personal journey among the 37 invisible and concealed odorous places.”

The Colour as a Narrative space will be open in the Illuminum Gallery throughout the summer.

Antonino Cardillo for Illuminum

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