Spotted! Dressed Down Princesses


If the notion of a knight in shining armor seems archaic and irrelevant, his protective suit in fact a burnished tin, his horse a three-legged donkey, perhaps it’s also time to reassess the princess he has come to rescue. Vivienne Westwood and Meadham Kirchhoff lead the way, reappropriationg ideals for Fall Winter 2010-11, in their own inimitable styles.

Their princesses hair is tousled, her make-up smudged, glittery remnants left over from yesterday’s (last week’s?) party and her crown…a delicate paper cutout, a block-colored cardboard adornment, or something borrowed from the dressing up box, or a (much younger) sister. Well even princesses aren’t immune to the Recession…and maybe we wouldn’t want them to be.

(Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2010-11)



(Meadham Kirchhoff Fall Winter 2010-11)

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