Trendstop Fashion Trend of the Year 2015: Modern Seventies

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The Trendstop Fashion Trend of the Year 2015 is Modern Seventies.

The Modern Seventies trend direction will influence fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and campaigns throughout 2015. It offers a clean, contemporary and minimalist take on the 1970’s aesthetic.

“Celine inspired structured pieces inform the Modern Seventies fashion translation,” says Jaana Jätyri, founder of Trendstop.

Why Modern Seventies?

Modern Seventies represents a nostalgia for simpler, ‘pre-digital’ times in our hectic world.

This has given rise to digital detox travel getaways, hobbies and an increase in the sales of vinyl records and cassette tapes.

“Many of today’s tastemakers were born in the 1970’s. They are among the last generations to remember what life was like without constant connectivity. Many creatives find this way of being extremely inspirational against the ‘digital overload’ in our current lives,” Jätyri explains.

Trendstop identified the Modern Seventies trend in early 2013. Key early influencers were Acne Studios, Prada, Paris street style and young designers like Grace Cooper. The Modern Seventies trend is a continuation of our 20th Century Remix trend, which takes influences from the 20th century and gives them a 21st century facelift.

Some of our early references can be seen here:

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Modern Seventies in Lifestyle

Pre-digital nostalgia has given rise to digital detox travel getaways, such as Camp Grounded in California, a retro childhood inspired summer camp for adults. In entertainment, sales of vinyl records and even cassette tapes are at their peak since 2000, and hip hotel group Ace Hotels, offers a vinyl record player and records in its rooms. Similarly, film based cameras and Polaroid-style photography have regained popularity.

Modern Seventies in Women’s Fashion

Clean, elegant lines and natural materials inform Modern Seventies womenswear. Tactile textures and warm 70’s inspired colours introduce the warmth of the decade. Bold A-Line shapes and structured statement pieces create the silhouette. Key pieces include culottes, over-the-knee skirts, clean accessories, socks with sandals and new clogs.

Modern Seventies in Beauty

Modern Seventies beauty is natural: Less and more natural makeup for the face, framed by bangs or centre partings and natural hair colours. Concealer and mascara are key products, combined with subtle lip looks, including mattified lip stains and coloured lip balms. Even evening looks are pared back.

 Modern Seventies in Street Style

Some of our trend editors’ styling picks illustrate the trend through influential street stylers: Danish blogger Pernille Teisbaek’s love of brown, former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor Miroslava Duma’s structured pieces and blogger Linda Tol’s clean, oversized pieces.

Here are some of the of the Modern 70’s looks spotted by the Trendstop global street style spotters:

 Modern Seventies in Menswear

In Modern Seventies menswear contemporary the focus on tactile texture and warm 70’s inspired colourways. Neutrals are imbued tan, nougat and chocolate tones; textures include new boiled wools and reappropriated classic interlinings, textured knits and suede. Shapes are clean and modern with a touch of nostalgia. Clean and refined statement accessories and considered styling pulls everything together.

Modern Seventies in Kids

Kidswear follows the Modern Seventies trend in cute ‘mini-me’ styles, with plenty of scope for playful texture, blockings and prints. Tactile textures, retro inspired hues and fun nostalgia patterns and graphics are inspired by 70’s children’s programs, stop-motion film, furry monsters and classic board games.

Modern Seventies in Home & Interiors

Modern Seventies Home & Interiors inspiration is a perfect balance of 21st century and retro. The overall feeling is clean and upbeat combined with a Seventies’ warm and natural feel . White and light wood freshen up the looks. Shapes are sculptural and beautiful to look at, seats and soft furnishings inviting with their cosy warmth.

Modern Seventies Online Briefings

Trendstop will be presenting complimentary online sessions to provide an inspirational and informative overview of the Modern Seventies aesthetic as well as the consumer influences behind this trend. These sessions take place each second Thursday of the month. Recordings are also available.

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