Wildfox Release Clueless-Inspired Collection

Shut UP. As if! It’s like, totally true – LA label Wildfox have released a new Spring 2013 lookbook, inspired by hit ‘90s film Clueless. With a ‘90s aesthetic currently running strong in this season’s designs, it’s the perfect time for the brand to make their sartorial homage to the ultimate style-inspired teen movie. Shots depict models taking on the personas of Cher, Dionne and Tai and friends in sunny LA environments (inspired by scenes from the film), chunky cell phones in hand, wearing designs emblazoned with memorable lines like ‘Shopping is my Cardio’. Plaid miniskirts, furry backpacks and floral graphics all recreate Clueless’ iconic wardrobe, and offer a colorful, girly take on ‘90s fashion – perfect if this season’s angsty grunge look is too much for you.

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