Julien Palast @ Le Douze

Ad agency LeDouze has put the photographic works of Julien Palast’s series Skin Deep on display at its Paris offices. The images are glossy representations of bodies set in bas relief by shiny, shrink-wrapped latex.
Palast’s photographs, which are retouched by Thierry Peureux, are designed to unveil bodies as objects, be they male or female. Anonymous under the latex, while they obscure the details, the contours and curves are highlighted by the plastic membrane as they emerge shouting, pushing or twisting against it.
Male figures reveal muscular arms and torsos and females fight against the plastic as the series of shrink-wrapped, hard color bodies become living sculptures, set against a hyper-real spectrum of glossy purple, blue, pink and orange shades with the latex pulled tight across them. The effects are dynamic yet static; clothed yet naked; natural yet artificial. While the dualism is implicit a spokesperson for the show emphasises its multiple meanings: “somewhere in the middle of petrification of Pompei, weather damaged statues, kinky madonnas and fetish techniques”.
The hi-gloss images feed into Palast’s oeuvre, which sits somewhere between the commercial and the conceptual.
The show is on display at the Le Douze offices at 17 Avenue de l’Opera, Paris.

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