Beyond Retro X Fashion Bloggers

Beyond Retro has collaborated with a quartet of leading fashion bloggers to create fundraising St. Valentine’s Day cards for the British Heart Foundation.
The renowned vintage store rounded up Bip Ling of, Melanie Rickey, the writer behind Fashion Editor @ Large, Mademoiselle Robot’s Laetitia Wajnapel and Shini Park from Park & Cube and tasked each with creating the Valentine’s card that they would most like to give – or receive.
The result is a blend of the quirky, the cool and the sentimental, with at least a touch of the creepy and a lashing of style.
Rickey’s taps into the fashion jugular with a collage “I Love U” spelled out from iconic magazine masthead letters: The I comes from i-D, the U from Vogue etc. all set against a black lace background that Lagerfeld would no doubt approve. Rickey said she was inspired by Postmodernism at the V&A, particularly the collages of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.
Wajnapel’s card is also built up collage style, with a series of nostalgic characters woven into a “Be Mine” message, which she confesses is designed to hiver between the innocent and creepiness of getting an anonymous card.
Bip Ling’s is adorned with hearts and has a lo-fi green blob cheekily wooing a dog-face and discussing whether to kiss, while Park’s takes a bathetic view of high culture in an imagined Shakespeare quote with the crayon written “I like thee, dost thou fancy a curry date”.
The four cheeky and stylish designs are available to buy at Beyond Retro’s three London and single Brighton stores, with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation’s National Heart Month fund.