12 Fashion Trends for 2012

What’s Hot for 2012: 21st Century Pin-up

Ever since Lady Gaga and Beyoncé held hands in the closing scene for the ‘Telephone’ video, a modern woman’s version of Thelma & Louise has been on the trend cards.

As classic femininity and sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe, TV’s Pan Am girls and 50’s pin-up meets a kick-ass tomboy Route ’66 road trip, an independent 21st Century girl is born.

And when not dressing up, dressing down in 2012 means lounge suits and PJ outfits for lounging at home for a dose of Eat, Sleep, TV; the new trinity for luxury for those of us who are busy, busy, busy 24/7.

The trendstop trend team pick our Top 12 trend must-haves the 21st Century Girl can’t live without in 2012.

1. iClutch – The only way to carry your iPad in style. Any designer worth their Manolo’s has launch an iPad case by now, but the iClutch shows how the iCase can become a fashion statement as well as a status symbol, incorporating space and compartments for your keys, cards and wallet within the ubiquitous iPad shape. Our favorites are from Philip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Azzedine Alaia and Versus.

Versus Spring Summer 2012

2. Fashion Vegetables – For S/S 2012 vegetables replace last years citrus fruit. Presented in a luxury Italian kitchen style, they are inspired by farmers markets, domestic goddesses and wholesome kitchen garden freshness. The most fun way to wear this look is as accessories, bracelets or charms, to make the look 3D real.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2012

3. PJ Suits – Even models and pop stars are not afraid to admit that they want nothing more than to catch up on sleep or curl up in front of the TV on a day off. With sleep as the new luxury, the idea of chic PJ suits blurs the boundaries between home and the outside world. It combines elements of daywear to the ultimate comfort of a pajama. As well as wearing them out, they are the perfect solution when inviting stylish friends round for a cosy night in!

Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2012

4. Resident Socialite Rhinestones –  A 50’s inspired classic, worn en mass and stacked for an over-the-top, ladylike yet fun jewelry statement. Prada and Bottega Veneta are combining these with swimwear to give the most devoted fashionistas the option to dress up for the beach or pool, and nothing should stop you from wearing rhinestones with your PJ suit either, should the fancy to dress up unexpectedly take you.

Prada Spring Summer 2012

5. Peplum Tops – The hip shape is the ultimate feminine silhouette inspired by the 50’s, and the peplum top creates the effect for those lacking in natural Marilyn curves. This look also provides a fresh and exciting alternative to the humble t-shirt or tank.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012

6. Statement Pencil – Nothing hugs the hips like a classic pencil skirt. In 2012, bold statement patterns and unexpected materials will lift them into something unexpected and special. For a more casual yet chic look, wear yours with an oversized sweatshirt.

Preen Spring Summer 2012

7. The New Capri – The perfect garment for the 50’s inspired tomboy: A pant that shows off feminine curves and a slim ankle.

Rodarte Spring Summer 2012

8. Evening Sweatshirt – Another key piece in the wardrobe of the ladies who lounge, as well as those who might want to go out. Taking the shape of a sweatshirt, but made in either an eveningwear material, such as chiffon or satin, or decorated with sequins or other eveningwear inspired trims to give the kind of sparkle its gym-worn relation can only dream of.

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2012

9. 70’s Running Chic – Keeping in line with sportswear and eveningwear chic hybrids, satin printed 70’s inspired running shorts have a chic elegance akin to the Evening Sweatshirt, and could be dressed up with one, or dressed down with a skinny t and a pair of flip-flops.

N21 Spring Summer 2012

10. Gelato Broderie – This look doubles up on the trend impact, combining hole-punched broderie anglaise patterns in ice cream pastel colors, both key trends for the season.

Prada Spring Summer 2012

11. Novelty Cat-eyewear – Eyewear follows suit with the modern 50’s inspiration, and brow-skimming cateye frames with flat lenses are the look to go with.

Rochas Spring Summer 2012

12. 50’s Mule – Mules are making a comeback, and 50’s inspired sexy summer mules are the perfect accompaniment to the Thelma & Louise getaway look. They can be styled with dirndl and volume skirts, summer dresses, slinky shorts, skinny jeans and the New Capri.

Prada Spring Summer 2012