Spotted! Fancy Footwork

0 Posted by - August 24, 2010 - Designers, Spotted!

fancy footwork1

Whilst numerous designer explored notions of the Great Outdoors for Fall Winter 2010 (Unique’s modern Narnia utopia being a case in point), Moonspoon Saloon took the inspiration a little more literally for Spring Summer 2011. A reaction against stereotypical notions of clean and minimal Scandinavian fashion, and a simultaneous embrace of the natural wonders of the land, clumpy platforms and thick-soled creepers were decorated with pine-cones, twigs and various other wonders borrowed from the woods. Sprayed in vivid pinks, orange and cobalt blue, the finished footwear resembled those art and crafts projects we always favored in primary school. As nature collides with the man-made, these woodland nymphs come fashionably attired in sweeping leather layers and plenty of black; it would seem there is still room for the proverbial fairytale, albeit one that comes with a very modern interpretation.

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