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Fashion News: Bing Bang’s Delicate Essentials


One of our favorite new discoveries, Bing Bang Jewelry creates delectable seasonal collections bursting with contemporary classics and ‘delicate essentials’ from their studio in New York City. Founded by Anna Sheffield, the label focuses on four aesthetic themes; the Punk Rock ethos, Native American arts and amulets, Victorian keepsakes and the ever-evolving Manhattan culture. The team describe themselves as modern-day alchemists, tempering ornate designs with a hint of toughness and downtown chic. For Summer 2014, Bing Bang have crafted a range of necklaces, rings, bracelets and ear cuffs in precious metals – highlights include pointed geometric constructions, ultra-fine chains and miniature collectible charms in shapes like crosses, stars and peace signs.

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Designer Tips: Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Collection


Whether you’re about to start out on a new career path as a fashion designer or just wanting to reinforce your skill set before starting your next collection, check out Trendstop’s latest addition to our Designer Tips series. This week, we’ve compiled seven key mistakes to avoid during the design process – follow our must-have guide to maximize your success rate next season.

1) Not Being Prepared

Before starting out on a fashion collection, put as much time as you can into translating your inspirations into visual moodboards, along with as many sketches and illustrations as possible. If you have a clear vision, it will make it much easier to create the products. Just remember; failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

2) Trying to Do Too Much

In fashion design, setting out to make huge collections will prove time-consuming, expensive and exhausting – and will more likely than not compromise your original theme. This is especially true in the early days of your career, when you might not have enough manpower to execute ambitious goals.

3) Not Editing Carefully Enough

Leading on from this, make sure to adhere to a ‘quality over quantity’ rule. Do you really need three similar skirts, where one will do? A tight edit is essential to keep your process on-track in regards to budget, and will more likely than not make for a better flow between designs.


4) Choosing Materials for the Sake of It

While it can be tempting to incorporate all your favorite materials into one single fashion collection (fur! brocade! sequins!), try and keep your fabric selection minimal. Opt instead for one statement texture, and pair with a few basics like silk chiffon or knit.

5) Not Adhering to a Cohesive Theme

How does your collection tie together? If your shapes don’t work with your prints, or your colors look wrong with the materials (and so on), your finished products will look messy rather than sophisticated. This reinforces the importance of planning – always refer to the initial vision you had for your collection at the beginning.


6) Not Thinking of Your Customer

One key mistake in fashion design is not keeping your ideal customer in mind. Who are you designing for, and where will he/she be wearing these pieces? A busy career woman might not want to be dripping in embellishment at the office, while younger teen customers might turn their noses up at classic shapes if they’re headed to a festival. Select your target audience early on – this will allow you to get creative.

7) Not Promoting Designs

Finally, at the end of your process, you will hopefully have a streamlined, cohesive finished collection – but what next? If you don’t promote your designs accordingly, no one will see them! Consider submitting your work to websites that shares designs for exposure, and make sure to wear your own pieces wherever you go. Social media is also important, as highlighted in our earlier Designer Tips article, Seven Steps to Advance in Your Fashion Career (link).

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Fashion News: Odd Pears x Leta Sobierajski


Get ready to have some fun with your soft accessories this season, as Australian brand Odd Pears teams up with New York-based designer/art director Leta Sobierajski on the campaign for their debut sock collection. Founded on a shared love of oddities, the brand set out to overthrow the constraints of conventional sock etiquette with their bright, bold designs and unusual styling options – each Odd Pears purchase comes in a set of three, complete with two matching socks and one odd. With over 200 color combinations available, customers are encouraged to mix ‘n’ match the spotty polka dot looks – the more striking the contrast, the better. Leta Sobierajski has created a series of promotional posters and postcards [pictured], exploring playful and artistic ways to present the clashing color combinations with a surreal edge – sock-clad legs support tables topped with watermelon, or form bizarre structures finished with red pineapples. As the Odd Socks ethos goes, “Be wonderful. Be yourself. Be odd!”

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Beauty News: Santigold Teams Up with Smashbox


American singer-songwriter Santigold has teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics on a brand new, out-of-this-world collection called The Santigolden Age. Vivid and colorful, designs are influenced both by Santigold’s bold creative aesthetic and her vision on humanity’s approach of the Golden Age – an era where the earth as we know it ceases to exist, revitalizing itself and morphing into a harmonious, utopic mirror image. Products can be mix ‘n’ matched for striking results, and come decorated in Santigold’s signature collage artwork. We love the five-shade eye shadow palettes, available in tinted metallics like rose gold pearl or shimmering teal. There are also variants on Smashbox’s Be Legendary lip gloss in All Gold E’rything and Hot Lava, as well as Nail Polish Art Strips and Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner. However, the standout piece has to be the debut of the Be Legendary Lipstick Ring; a golden accessory in the shape of a snake-pyramid, finished with Swarovski crystals and revealing a hidden lipstick inside.

“I’ve always loved Santi’s music, and she brought that same vibe and energy to this collection,” said Davis Factor, Smashbox founder.

The Santigolden Age collection is available to buy now, available from beauty brands like Sephora, Macy’s and Nordstrom, in addition to Smashbox’s online store.

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Fashion News: adidas by Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2014


This season, adidas’ breakthrough technology comes together once again with visionary designer Raf Simons to produce a collaborative range of innovative unisex footwear, where athletic function is upgraded with a high fashion twist.

Following-up their successful Fall/Winter 2013-14 joint venture, Simons and adidas build off the unique design codes they’ve now established – such as the ‘shoe-in-shoe’ concept – while unveiling new styles to add greater variance and depth to the collection. Exciting additions include a remix of the Stan Smith tennis shoe, along with an adidas Bounce-inspired sneaker with uppers printed in a seasonal pattern matching Raf Simons apparel.

The latest collection includes eight unisex models in up to four colorways, making for a total of 21 unique designs. Each draws on a playful comic book aesthetic that features exaggerated shapes and Lego colors, favoring Velcro closures over typical lacing. The shoes also incorporate a striking mix of materials, such as nylon, leather, sport mesh and embroidered textiles.

The adidas by Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now on sale, with prices ranging from €270-350 ($375-485). Designs are available at adidas Originals concept stores, boutiques and retailers carrying Raf Simons and select sneaker specialists around the world.


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Retail Buyers: How to Boost your Career in 2014 – Part 1


Having worked with thousands of fashion buyers over the last decade, here at Trendstop we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis in your work. As the first trend agency to combine trend analysis with sales, Trendstop became the main source of intelligence for fashion buyers over the last 10 years.

A considerable amount of responsibility and autonomy paired with a pressured environment are among the many things that can make or break your career as fashion buyer. If you feel your work could use a new boost, simply follow our essential tips to help you increase your effectiveness in making good purchase decisions!

1. Create a Buying Plan
While it may seem obvious, creating a strong plan for the season is essential. Beforehand, discuss key items and budgets with your superiors (e.g. store owners). Your performance will be measured on A) how effectively this plan was implemented and B) how much ROI it generated, so make sure to invest research and time before creating your ‘masterpiece.’

2. Use Trend Forecasting in your research
Suppliers will try to educate you about ‘trends’ for the upcoming season – but how can you trust trend intelligence coming from someone trying to sell you a collection? Don’t let suppliers and brands cloud your judgment – rely on objective trend forecasting services to get your colors, materials and prints right. If you’re not used to working with trend forecasting services, check out these trend reports to get a first impression (color trend reports, runway trend reports, etc).


3. Coordinate with Visual Merchandisers
If you are buying for a large retail store, why not coordinate with your visual merchandiser? New items will always be presented to you in a very enticing way, either through runway shows or great display material. In many cases, you will need this material to present collections in the same attractive way to your consumers. Think ROI!

4. Confirm availability and reliability of supplier
To help lower risk when working with new suppliers, we recommend checking for some additional items beside quality. The retail world is a small one, which can be of advantage in this case! Try to get in touch with other retailers that have worked with the brand, and find out more about reliability and availability of products.

5. Listen to your customers!
One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is not being in touch with their customers closely enough. Analyzing customers’ feedback and finding out what they are interested in will be crucial to advance in your career as a retail buyer! You can achieve this by incentivizing customers to leave you feedback online, or by simply being in touch with your sales departments.


Stay tuned – we’ll soon be back with more Designer Tips to inspire your fashion career with your own collections for the coming season and beyond.

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Retail News: Kate Moss’ Topshop Return


Supermodel Kate Moss has returned to British high street brand Topshop to take up her role as designer once again, co-creating a new collection for Spring/Summer 2014 that’s been as hotly anticipated as the previous ranges. Inspired by Moss’ own wardrobe, the premium line displays a key attention to fabrication and detail, demonstrating her evolution as a designer since her debut Topshop collection in 2007.

Key design categories include Balearic Dressing, characterized by embroidered smock tops, silk blouses and vintage-look kaftan, while the new Pyjama Dressing sector focuses on pieces like printed pants crafted from Soho-sourced silk-satin. Cocktail Hour has everything shoppers need for evening with cobweb beadwork or crepe spliced dresses. Finally, Tailoring Noir is themed around elegant tuxes and pant suits in black-gold metallic mixes. Other highlights include luxury designs like the densely hand-beaded dress, priced at £600 ($1,004).

“I have really missed being involved in the design proces, and working with the team at TOPSHOP,” says Kate. I am very excited to create a new collection that bears my name. Now more than ever, with London being at the forefront of fashion, it feels like I’m back home working with Topshop”.

The Kate Moss x Topshop Spring/Summer 2014 collection will be landing in-store and online from April 30 – and will also be available across Nordstrom stores, Nordstrom.com and Net-a-Porter for the first time too.

We’ll be back soon with another daily dose of Retail News – stay tuned!

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Design Inspiration: Joyceland


This week’s Design Inspiration post is all about contrasts, drawing from the highly visual world of comic book illustration. Brooklyn-based artist Joyce Pensato creates pieces that portray comic book characters and superheroes in a unique way, through her simple yet abstract aesthetic. Her work is almost exclusively created using shop-bought black and white enamel – the idea is that by removing the trademark vivid colors from these recognizable characters, a more sinister dimension can be expressed. Joyce’s chaotic, almost frenzied technique plays with linear gestures and splatter techniques, resulting in alternately humorous and more foreboding imagery. Her primary subjects range from Homer Simpson to Batman and Mickey Mouse.

If you want to see more of Joyce’s work, you can check out her new show, Joyceland, which is being hosted at the Lisson Gallery in London between 26th March and 10th May 2014.


We’ll be back soon with another fresh dose of Design Inspiration – stay tuned!

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Retail News: Edie Parker x Del Toro Emoji Collection


Why use words when you can say it with an emoji? A new accessories range called M’Oticons has been created by the latest Edie Parker x Del Toro designer collaboration, which aims to do just that. Exclusive to designer e-boutique Moda Operandi, the collection sees clutch and slip-on shoes revamped with colorful graphic placementss for a playful twist. Plush velvet loafers incorporate spiky explosions or angel/devil faces, while bags tap in to the social media zeitgeist with hashtag symbols. These youthful styles are available to pre-order now, with prices starting at $340 for the loafers and $1595 for the clutches.

We’ll be back soon with another fresh dose of Retail News – stay tuned!

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